Friday, March 7, 2008

All Maac'd Out

We've only been here for five hours, and I'm already having trouble keeping my eyes open. Such is life here in Albany, N.Y. this weekend - where the MAAC tournament is in full form.

As we speak, the Fairfield ladies are doing a fine job taking care of hometown Siena. It'd seem as if Joe Frager and company will avenge last season's loss in the first-round at Harbor Yard. Again, there's still 17 minutes left (you never know in tournaments), but a 15-point lead seems safe in the hands of a veteran team.

As for the Mirror Crew and I, it's been an interesting morning to say the least. We left Fairfield around 7a.m. after spending three hours trying to convince Public Safety and Res Life that Chris Simmons and I were harmless enough to let us in for the night. Once again, being "on the list" follows us everywhere.

Here's some thoughts:
  • The Men's Basketball team is practicing - as we speak - a few blocks down in the Albany Convention Center. I'm sure that a walk-through and shootaround will follow at some point this evening.
  • ResLife lady Ophelia (great accent, too) came up huge to allow Simmons and I to get into Loyola last night. Ophie, you rock, mon'!
  • Looking for a random way to get up to Albany? Simmons' GPS led us to Route 8 -a scenic tour of the back roads and randomness that is Western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Wow. That's all I can say. Unless you're into beaver storage and Berkshire Hillbillies - and those are direct quotes - then 8 and Jeff Foxworthy are something to look into.
  • Yanks take on the 'Stros and the new-look Rays in two split-squad games. I'll have my eye on both during down time.
  • Caffeine, anyone?
  • We've got a blogger right in front of us, Ben Doody blogging to my right - I'd like to think the Mirror Sports Blog has started a craze. At least you're all getting your full of MAAC coverage.
  • Breakfast d' Albany: cinammon buns. With no napkins.
More to come.

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