Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two Things I'm Lovin'

It's only a few hours into the '08 Tourney, but here's two things I already love about this year (and it has nothing to do with the actual Dance itself):

1) Jordan's Nike Jumpman 23 commercial. "There are no Cinderellas". So intense, from start to finish. I love seeing practice, sprints, weight lifting.. it's a great message and some amazing scenes. I loved the cameo clips of J.T.III with a whistle in a Georgetown gym and Boise State practicing the 'Statue of Liberty' play.

2) Pat Forde has a great column on ESPN today. I always love satirical writing (Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly are two of my favorites). Forde does a great job putting his spin on all 64 teams and their dreams/nightmares. As a Duke fan, I can appreciate the puns on Coach K's lame 'American Express' ads. Good stuff.

Honorable Mention: Two words - Gus Johnson.

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