Thursday, March 20, 2008

Xavier survives, advances

It was far from what you would expect out of a '3-14 game', but Xavier got exactly what it wanted out of its first-round game: a win. Muskateers advance, 73-61. In a survive-and-advance type of tournament, there will undoubtedly be hectic games like this along the way for a high seed.

It just so happened that a steaming hot SEC Champion was a 14. When's the last time you heard that?

In any event, the Muskateers' victory is great for the A-10 and mid majors everywhere (Farifield included); it would've looked terrible if a 20+ win team with big-time hype couldn't take down a power conference team that finished one game over .500 in the regular season. (Also, this is graet news for all those who have Xavier as a sleeper team to take down Duke and/or UCLA.)

More to come. Marquette/Kentucky is next.

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