Thursday, March 20, 2008

UK/Marquette and Sleeper Bubbles Burst

So far so good out of this game between the Wildcats and Golden Eagles. Coming in, I wasn't so sure that Kentucky would match-up well with Marquette's fast paced offense and perimeter play. After one half, though, I'm convinced they can. Guard Joe Crawford has 19 and looks strong. If could only get some help on offense..

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is handling Oral Roberts (39-18 with 3:00 to go in the first half) and Purdue seems to be in control against Baylor (43-27 with 2:30 in the first). Many pundits (including Sports Illustrated's March Madness special) predicted both of these games to be possible early-round upsets. A few of my friends who took that advice. Such is life.

In the tournament, it seems like it's best to pick the favorite and just hold your breath.

More to come.

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